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Travelling to another country for an Organ Transplant can be stressful. Here is a little information which will go a long way in making the entire experience a little bit easier.

It is vital that you acquire a N.O.C (No Objection Certificate) from your embassy before proceeding with your transplant

The embassy in Delhi will certify all the proofs of certificates and documents of relationship between the donor and the recipient

The govt. of India allows foreign patients to undergo Liver and Kidney Transplants in the country. Lung and Heart Transplants are not possible for citizens from other countries

No. The donor for the organ transplant will have to be arranged by you from your country as per the laws in India

Patients need to have a blood group compatible donor from the family (donor has to be between 18 to 65 yrs) as required by the Human Transplant Act of India. Transplantation can be done only after the authorization committee approves the donor

Yes. There are documentation and certification processes you need to fulfil before you can legally get an organ transplant surgery in India. You can learn about it

It depends upon your doctor’s discretion. It is generally advised that the patient arrives in the country 15-20 days before the transplant. The donor and recipient will have to undergo detailed tests, which could take 7-15 days (depending on what is found on investigations), prior to transplantation

We understand how stressful an organ transplant can be, especially for a foreign national. We take the utmost care to ensure that the entire process is made as smooth as possible. Apart from assistance with the transplant, we extent dedicated support to all international patients. You can learn more about that

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