Alsaheth Medicare solutions pvt ltd having vast experience in the field of telemedicine, alsaheth partner Hospitals has created the largest and oldest multi-specialty telemedicine network in South Asia. Being one of the global pioneers of telemedicine, Alsaheth serves both the urban and rural communities by enhancing the accessibility of quality health.

Alsaheth TeleHealth specialises in integrated healthcare delivery to provide services such as Tele Consultations, Tele Radiology, Tele Cardiology, Tele Condition Management, and Tele Emergency services, among others.

Alsaheth telehealth devices include All-in-one Vital Signs Monitors, Pulse Oximeters, ECG Monitors, and Multiparameter Patient Monitors, which are used in different ways. We never stop research and development. We are always working on product improvement and optimization.

Apart from treatment for these diseases it also offers therapy that rejuvenates the body and mind from the ills arising out of the frictions of everyday life

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